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Registration fees vary by league; check your local league site (LINK TO FIND A LEAGUE PAGE) to find registration dates and pricing.

Flag football is one of the fastest growing youth sports for both boys and girls, and 6 states have already sanctioned flag football as a Varsity high school sport, and in 2020, women’s flag football became a sanctioned college sport. If you have an interest in playing tackle football in the future, RISE flag football is a great place to practice core football skills.

All players will receive an Under Armour RISE Flag Football jersey and shorts (no pockets) which they will wear for games.All players are required to wear a mouthguard which you will need to purchase.

There are no mandated practices for RISE Flag Football. On game nights, there will be areas to practice or warm-up prior to the game.

All RISE Flag Football coaches are volunteer parents/family members or volunteer youth community coaches. If you have an interest in coaching your child, we’d love to have you.

The best part about RISE Flag Football is the minimum time commitment. Other than once-a-week game days/nights, there is no other time commitment for players.

In traditional American football, teams have five (5) eligible receivers plus a quarterback which equals six (6) players involved in the passing game. The 6v6 format provides a competitive game with the opportunity for QBs and other offensive positions to experience traditional defensive coverages.

Yes! The once-a-week structure of RISE Flag Football provides the opportunity for multisport athletes to try something new or play with their school/neighborhood friends